Country Leanings

Isn't it strange how some decisions can be made without any forthought or planning. Such was the case when I recorded my first album 'country style.' And it all came about because of failure!
Let me explain...

It all began when I hired a producer (whose name I do not intend to disgrace this page with!) to record an album's worth of recently written songs. Songs, in fact, that I believe were the strongest that I had ever written! However, some two years after the project's templates had been recorded, it was beginning to dawn on me that I had hitched a lame horse to my wagon! A very lame horse indeed! Such was my frame of mind one day, after pondering on my situation, and so deep was my anger and rage over the way I had been let down by this charlatan, that I resolved to show the man just how easy it was to record an album of folk songs!

So grabbing a handfull of songs, there's always spare songs laying around awaiting development, I marched into the nearest recording studio in the area and told the engineer that I wished to record an album of contemporary folk songs. The studio was The Cottage studio in Stotfold and the engineer was John Saltwell. 'Let's hear them then!' he instructed me. Sitting down, I grabbed my guitar, and went through about six of them. 'Why don't we make a Country album?' John suggested. I immediately thought of Bob Dylan's album 'Nashville Skyline' and thought to myself, 'why not!' It seemed to work for him, why not for me! Besides, I had always believed that Folk and Country songs were pretty closely related to one another!

And that is how John's band, Alter Ego, and I came to record the 'Summertime' album. From start to finish the whole process took just six weeks. It was a good move for me, for it got rid of the frustration and rage that I was feeling over the failure of the previous project to bear any fruit, and it was interesting to lean my songs in a slightly different direction than the usual Folk Rock format that they normally took.

In fact I was so impressed with the outcome that we all gathered together, about a year later, to work on my Alamo song and some other songs from my back catalogue that I intended to use, at a later date, on an album of Northern Ireland related material. (The Ulster Songbook)

The we in question being...John Saltwell (Bass) Jason Ward (Guitars) Martin Langshaw (Drums) and the lovely Cheryl Murphy (Vocals)

And at the moment we are still working together on another project.



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