Brian Balster


I was born on the 5th April 1951 and grew up in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. I attended local schools and from an early age showed a natural aptitude for music.

During my adolescence this talent was recognised and was encouraged and developed by inspirational music teachers. My vocal talent was particularly acknowledged and I was put to good use as the choir leader, in performances of various operatic productions in schools and in musical productions at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham.


Practical Experience

I have been and indeed still am, involved in performing as a member of folk/rock bands both county and nationwide, since discovering my particular love for the instrument guitar. I currently perform regularly as part of a well known local duo. I have entertained audiences at the Abby Mill, Tewkesbury and at Sudbury Castle, Winchcombe playing medieval style music.

I am adept at playing acoustic and electric guitars, both six and twelve strings, and have played the mandolin and banjo. To accompany myself whilst playing, I have also acquired the skill of harmonica- though this has been self taught.

I have supported folk/rock bands as a session musician in recording studios and know that there is a feeling of achievement when recording CD’s tapes or records because as well as plying your own part the music has to come together and be identified as a product of the band. To that end certain flexibility in an artist is required.

Having recently returned from playing two functions in Germany, one of which was held at the British Consulate in Hamburg, I have decided that the time has come for me to pass on a little of my musical experience for the benefit of others.