Terry Friend - Discography

1971 Going Nowhere Van Spyk & Friend Demo Only (sold out)

This was a promotional album of the first songs that Rob and I had written and was never intended for release. Rob played guitar and sang, I joined him on the chorus of 'When's it gonna stop!' His cousin played the recorder.


1974 Follow the Sun R.J.Van Spyk and Friends Acorn CF 241
(sold out)

Our first commercial album, in which we were joined by Brian Balster. I also have a guest appearance as I record my first solo song 'Come the Day.



1974 Dreaming Again Stonefield Tramp Tramp CF 247
(sold out)

Recorded a mere five months after 'Follow the Sun.' Rob and Brian were joined by Chris Sutoris (Bass) and Dave Lloyd (Acoustic and Electric Guitar)




1977 Come the Day Terry Friend & Friends Tramp THF001 Come the Day
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My first solo album of self penned material, in which I was joined by assorted musicians from two local bands from Letchworth. Quinquereme and Change. They were Tony Panico (Guitar) Martin Wood (Bass) Keith Farr (Drums) and Maggie Spong (Piano)



1978 Chloroform The Bleach Boys Tramp THF002
(sold out)





1980 Leave Willie Alone The Bees Paw THF003
(sold out)





1983 Lazy River Terry Friend Paw THF004
(sold out)

My first collaboration with Producer/Engineer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Simpson. There was a session drummer whose name, after all these years, escapes me! I also had a special guest appearance by local Blues man John Slaughter.




1985 Follow the Dots Terry Friend NMR THF005
(sold out)

My second and finale recording sessions with Dave Simpson.





1991 Jungle Green Van Spyk & Friend NMR THF006 Jungle Green
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Because of all the bootlegs out there of the first album I released this 'Official' version.





1998 Whispers in the Wind New Morning NMR THF007 Whispers in the Wind
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After my decade in the song writing wilderness, where I truely thought that it was all over, I reeled in my good friend Colin Johnson from our 'New Morning' days, and with the help of another friend Charlie Thackway, we recorded all of my songs that had been gathering dust in my archieve.


2002 Blue for You DELETED! NMR CDTHF008
2002 Summertime Terry Friend NMR CDTHF009 Summertime
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My first 'Country Style' album that I recorded with local band Alter Ego.



2005 The Ulster Songbook Terry Friend NMR CDTHF010 The Ulster Songbook
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A compilation album containing Northern Ireland related songs taken from various albums and issued as a charity album to raise funds for The Northern Ireland Veteran's Association.



2004 The Alamo Terry Friend NMR CDTHF011 The Alamo
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Alter Ego's version of my song. This one actually made it into the gift shop of the Shrine itself in San Antonio, Texas!



2004 Strange Journey (Part 1) Terry Friend NMR CDTHF012 Strange Journey
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A compilation of my favourite tracks from the first six albums.



2007 Beneath a pale Moon 'Terry Friend' NMR CDTHF013 Beneath a Pale Moon
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My secod album with Alter Ego featuring a variety of styles of music.



2006 Natural Noise Terry Friend NMR CDTHF014 Natural Noise
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My first recording back in my favourite stamping ground near Tewkesbury, featuring old friends Rob Van Spyk and Brian Balster from Stonefield Tramp. With contributions from David Pickering Pick, Phil Beer from 'Show of Hands,' Maurice Hipkiss, Duncan Forrester and Sarah Warren.


2006 Strange Journey (Part 2) Terry Friend NMR CDTHF015 Strange Journey (Part 2)
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Previous recordings that had never been released! In essence a new contemporary album.



2007 The Alamo Terry Friend NMR CDTHF017 The Alamo 2007
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The definitive recording of my cherished Alamo song.

2008 Red Sky Descending Terry Friend NMR CDTHF018
Recorded during 2007 and 2008, featuring guest appearances of Phil Beer from 'Show of Hands', slide guitarist Kevin Brown from Bath, and Pete Kiely and Brian Balster from 'Stonefield Tramp'. This is the 'Mecury Prize 2009' nominated album that was distributed by Code 7.
2010 Strange Journey (Part 3) Terry Friend NMR CDTHF016
Strange Journey (Part 3)
All the songs from the first six albums that didn't make it onto Strange Journey (Part 1)
NMR...New Morning Recordings
2012 Time For a Song Terry Friend NMR CDTHF019
Recorded at FFG Bredon, featuring Maurice Hipkiss, Brian Balster from 'Stonefield Tramp' and Heather McFarlane from the band 'Celtish'.
2016 Once Upon A Song There Was A Time... Balster and Friend NMR CDTHF020
Recorded at FFG Bredon, featuring Brian Balster from 'Stonefield Tramp' and Terry Friend.
2016 The Acetate Van Spyk & Friend TRAMP CD004

The Official Tramp Records release of the original 1971 recording of the former Acetate album known as 'Going Nowhere' by 'Your Friend Spyk'. Now known as 'The Acetate' by 'Van Spyk and Friend'.
Those who purchase the Vinyl edition of this album (a limited edition of 250 copies only) will get a free copy of the CD version.

2017 Anno Domini Terry Friend CDTHF021

Anno Domini, an album title coined by Brian Balster, who joined me in the studio. Likewise my old friend of long standing Colin Wilson, from Exeter, also played a major role in this recording. Possibly my last solo album, due to the repercussions of the recent traffic accident!